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Dr. Wasserman have done an amazing job.
He made you feel comfortable in this space and really have made me feel like, you know, the basketball player that I can and should be if I just go out there and attack it.”

Kevin L.

Dr. Wasserman was extremely pleasant throughout my visit.
He showed that he cared about my knee pain. He took the time to identify where my knee pain was coming from, and divised a successful treatment plan. I felt confident in this doctor’s advise. He has a great personality. I highly recommend Dr. Wasserman!

Al F.

Dr. Wasserman was extremely professional.
I had a knee injury and a hip injury. Under both treatments not only did Dr. Wasserman spend the time to explain my injury/treatment/diagnosis he mad me feel so comfortable that I was being cared for by the right doctor. Dr. Wasserman is the most nurturing doctor I have ever had.

Leslie W.

After seeing many orthopedists, I saw Dr. Wasserman for shoulder pain. I was immediately impressed with his pleasant personality, which put me at ease. I found him to be thorough, knowledgable and very detailed. He really showed me he cared. Overall he is a one of a kind doctor and would highly recommend him. Great bedside manner too.

Cathy P.

Awesome visit!
Dr. Wasserman was professional, pleasant, knowledgeable and had an excellent bedside manner. I never felt rushed – I felt like a priority during the visit and like he was truly committed to helping me get better. Highly recommend.

Shannan R.

Dr. Wasserman is a professional, polite and friendly doctor. He treats his patients with the utmost respect. My most recent visit was a 6 month post surgery (Rt. Torn labrium) follow up, and thanks to Dr. Wasserman I am back to 100%, full activity with no restraints. I would highly recommend Dr. Wasserman to my family and friends.

Jennifer T.

My last visit to Dr. Wasserman’s office was great. In November 2013, he repaired my femoral neck and ipsilateral shaft fractures from a motorcycle accident. I’ve had several post op visits and Dr. Wasserman really makes me feel like we are a team. My injuries are very serious but I never felt alone or confused. Dr. Wasserman explained exactly how my injuries were repaired, all factors involved in a good recovery, and how to achieve my best possible results. He is very competent, warm, and courteous. I also feel that he is attentive to my individual needs as a patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Wasserman to anyone looking for the highest quality of care and an excellent orthopedist.

Jasmine O.

I would be remiss in not taking the time to thank Dr. Bradley Wasserman personally in his successful performance of my Knee Surgery. I tore my ACL and Medial Meniscus working and playing Hockey. I have never been through a surgery like this before and was nervous and anxious to say the least. From the moment I met Dr. Wasserman, my nerves seem to calm down immediately. He made me feel confident and excited to get this started and being the process of healing and Physical Therapy. The Surgery was seamless and was over before I knew it. The PT team were also very professional and made sure I was doing what I needed to do to be able to get better at the rate I did. What I loved the most was Dr. Wasserman’s care and concern for not just my upcoming Surgery, but also for who I was, where I come from and just genuinely getting to know me.

I knew immediately that I was in good hands. Dr. Wasserman’s schedule and planning for Physical Therapy was right on point, and I feel great only eight months later! Dr. Wasserman was at my side the entire time, always calling me and checking in, even when I forgot I had an appointments. He always felt like a friend, not just a Doctor from day one. Now I can say that we are friends indeed. Dr. Wasserman is a professional at what he does, and very seriously cares for his patients. If you’re going into Surgery with Dr. Bradley Wasserman, then have no worries. Knowing this fine Doctor and Gentleman the way I do now, I know that I never had to worry at all! Thank you Dr. Bradley Wasserman! You are a true professional and someone who really cares and in the end, that’s what people need to see the most before they go into Surgery.

Joseph P.